4 Ways to Include Your Partner in Wedding Planning

Couple on a date.

It’s easy for wedding planning to fall heavily on one marrier, especially when your partner isn’t into the “frilly” side of it. But remember – you and your partner are in this together! It’s YOUR marriage, and your wedding day should be a reflection of both of you and the love you share. Here are 4 ways to get your partner excited about planning the best day ever, together.

Talk About Your Collective Vision
Your wedding is a reflection of BOTH of you. Share your visions with each other and communicate about things you do and don’t like every step of the way. What does your dream wedding look like? What are the things you absolutely have to have? Don’t just plan a wedding – take the time to figure out what YOUR wedding looks like, even if it requires a few dinner dates 😉

Discuss Logistics
How do you want to plan your wedding? Splitting up tasks can make planning feel less daunting and more manageable, but it may also feel more like work. Sharing tasks provides the opportunity to make great decisions quickly without the back-and-forth, AND it gives you more time to spend together!

Build On Each Other’s Strengths
Who’s more organized? Who’s better with budgeting? Who has the eye for design? Who throws the best party? If your soon-to-be spouse is a total foodie, let them guide you through picking a caterer and bar packages! If you’re better at creating color palettes, WOW your partner with stunning linens and place settings for your reception tables.

Make it Fun!
Turn vendor visits (like tours and tastings) into date days. Check out nearby hotspots after meeting with your photographer, grab lunch at your favorite restaurant before heading to your cake tasting, or celebrate locking in your wedding venue with cocktails at a local bar. Make every outing a reason to celebrate in a romantic way!

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