5 Ways to Tame Your Pre-Wedding Jitters on the Big Day

Ally & Brian pose in the cocktail lounge.

It’s finally here! The day you’ve been planning for months, maybe even years, is upon you. But amidst the whirlwind of emotions, a familiar flutter might be taking flight in your stomach – pre-wedding jitters. Don’t worry, those butterflies are perfectly normal. After all, you’re about to embark on a beautiful new chapter in your life! But if you want to calm those nerves and step confidently down the aisle, here are 5 ways to tame your pre-wedding jitters on the big day.

Embrace the Calm
Start your day with a relaxing routine. Skip the sugary breakfast and opt for something healthy and calming. Take a warm bath, listen to soothing music, or practice some gentle yoga poses before you venture out to your first stop of the day. Starting your morning cool, calm, and collected will make your jam-packed schedule seem less daunting, leaving room for you to bask in the joyous moments without worry.

Breathe In, Breathe Out
Feeling overwhelmed? Take a few minutes for some deep breathing exercises. Focus on inhaling positivity and exhaling anxieties. Remind yourself of all the reasons you’re marrying the love of your life.

Squad Goals
Surround yourself with your favorite people! Having your besties by your side can be a calming source of strength. While you’re getting ready for the day, share some laughs, swap funny stories, have an impromptu dance party, or simply hold hands for moral support.

*Bonus tip from our team: we made a hype video with both serious and comical motivational messages for one of our staff members on her wedding day. She LOVED it and played it on repeat on her way to the venue! Attendants – this would be an amazing wedding day gift!

Pre-Ceremony Moment
A first look before your ceremony can be a game-changer. It allows you and your partner to see each other, share a quiet, emotional moment, and exchange those “I can’t believe we’re getting married!” nerves in private. This private exchange can be incredibly calming, leaving you feeling centered and ready to face the joyous anticipation of walking down the aisle.

Focus on the Fun!
Remember, this is a happy celebration of love! Shift your focus from anxieties to fun and unforgettable moments. Opt for funny flower dudes, high-energy ceremony music, or a touch of comedy from your officiant. You’ll be too busy smiling and dancing your way down the aisle to be worried about those butterflies!

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